We keep soaring

Venue check…

Lights on…

Camera rolling…

It was cold and wet the stage was set nonetheless. 30th October 2020 at Safari Park hotel, Nairobi was the date and venue for the 16th Energy Management Awards (EMA). Dressed in different African regalia, participants from various parts of the country walked in one by one for the gala luncheon organised by the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM).

This year’s ceremony was somewhat welcomed with what has become ‘new normal’ not just for businesses but individuals as well. From temperature checks, washing hands to keeping social distance, things had to be done differently and rightfully so.  Companies; small, medium, and large alike have had to make changes in their operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have, however, not lost sight of achieving energy management goals.

The EMA focuses and highlights some key milestones achieved in energy management by various companies in Kenya. It also recognises energy efficiencies and conservation efforts from companies, and also offers a platform for the companies to benchmark and network.

As Industrial Promotion Services (IPS) and our project companies, we endevour to sustainably conserve our environment.  This year, Allpack Industries Ltd, an IPS project company, commissioned a 550 KW solar power project powered by 1400+ solar panels in efforts to reduce carbon footprints. It is expected that the solar power project will offset nearly one-quarter of the plant’s energy demands and eliminate 90,750 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year. This is only the beginning; other IPS project companies are gearing up for the same.

Wire Products Ltd (WPL) and Allpack Industries Ltd flew the IPS flag high in this year’s EMA.

WPL emerged the Runners Up in the electricity savings award (small consumer) category. This award was in recognition of WPL’s effort in the reduction of electrical power use from their various intervention implementations such as the use of limit switches, high-efficiency motors, and variable speed drivers within the plant. WPL was additionally awarded as the most improved company because it registered the highest rated score based on energy intensity.

Allpack on the other hand was awarded the overall renewable energy winner (small and medium consumer). They had also been nominated in the Fuel Saving Award.  Allpack has been outstanding in improving their energy efficiencies through the incorporation of renewable energy technologies in particular the solar power project.

Congratulations to WPL and Allpack!