Development Impact

We believe that our social, environmental and economic impact on our stakeholders is part of our core business function and strategy; addressed in a manner that is ethical and contributes towards sustainable development.


current asset value in East Africa


companies in the region

people employed (60% are women)


investment in rural economy annually pioneering in inclusive business agro models


farmers engaged in value chain


trees planted


total generation capacity equivalent for 5 million households


annual certified emission reduction from hydro power projects


of cable systems connecting over 20 African countries to Europe and Asia

Guiding principles

Our focus areas

Ensuring Safety and Wellbeing

IPS is committed to fostering a safe environment for our employees, contractors and key partners to work in, with health and safety and environmental management systems in place that not only meet national regulations, but internationally recognized standards as well.

Valuing Our People

We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights in our value chain, focusing on our employees, suppliers and contractors, local communities and society.

Greening Our Factories

We are continuously working on improving resource efficiencies within our operations and aim to be responsible in our use.

Empowering Communities

Recognising that we are part of the communities in which operate, we actively identify and support activities that aim to assist communities become independent, self-sustaining and, ultimately, actively take on the responsibility towards improving their quality of life.

Caring For Our Environment

In addition to being environmentally conscious in operations, IPS companies work towards protecting and conserving our environmental resources for our future generations.

Good Governance

IPS is an affiliate of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN). Governance and ethical behaviour are central components of a multifaceted AKDN framework.