csr-approachAt Industrial Promotion Services, CSR is more than simply philanthropy; it underlies the way we conduct business. We believe that our social, environmental and economic impact on our stakeholders is systematically addressed as part of our core business function and strategy in a manner that is ethical and contributes towards sustainable development.

Guiding principles

  • Our activities have an underlying purpose to improve the quality of life of the people with whom we work with and in communities in which we operate, regardless of their particular religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.
  • We operate within a common framework that carefully considers our impact on our stakeholders within the workplace, environment, market place, supply chain, community and enabling environment.
  • We consider compliance with local, regional and international laws and regulations as a minimum standard, continuously engaging in activities that are over and above legal obligations to society and environment.
  • With involvement of our stakeholders, our activities are identified in a participatory manner and tailored towards meeting their needs.
  • We engage in activities that complement our core business activities and core values, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the business and our stakeholders.

Supporting our Local Communities

Recognising that we are part of the communities in which operate, we actively identify and support activities that aim to assist communities become independent, self-sustaining and, ultimately, actively take on the responsibility towards improving their quality of life. To achieve this goal, we encourage our employees to volunteer their time, skills and knowledge as well as partner with civil society organizations and other private sector with similar overlapping goals and interests.

Focus areas

As a result of ensuring that our actions are tailored to meet stakeholder evolving needs, companies undertake a diverse portfolio of activities involving multiple beneficiaries across the fields of:

  • Education,
  • Health,
  • Environmental conservation,
  • Economic Empowerment/ opportunity